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Lalli emphasizes experience, fiscal responsibility



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"You have to go back to the PGE, which was given a lot of land to provide economic opportunities in the communities they went through," Lalli said. "I support those rail jobs 100 per cent, but the opportunities we once saw are no longer there. If B.C. Rail is downsizing, I want to ensure the taxation issue is resolved, and I’d like to see those lands filled. I’d like to see industry go in if B.C. Rail is not going to fill its buildings, because it is wasted land otherwise. It’s already set up as shops. I believe B.C. Rail needs to be more accountable to its shareholders, and its shareholders is us."

As to the community’s claim to be the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, Lalli said council "put a patent on that" and has recognized the potential of the natural surrounding and the opportunities they provide.

"The majority of my life I have been in the tourist industry," he said.

"We need to move in a direction where we can showcase our resources and make them attractive to investors to come in. Garibaldi Springs (the golf course now under construction north of Garibaldi Estates along the highway) is a prime example of that. It is a golf course, with a residential component and a new hotel. That project will hopefully snowball into others in our community. We have a huge playground. I support providing these opportunities, but people have to remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight, and Squamish won’t be built overnight."