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Kuba Oms brings the positive

Victoria collective finds its groove in dance, will be testing songs in Whistler



Kuba Oms has a hit on his hands.

The singer-songwriter has a musical repertoire that is truly all over the map, from ska-sounding themes to acoustic guitar ballads you feel compelled to clap along to. But it's Electrolove, a dance tune that you've probably heard pumping out of clubs and the windows of cars recently, that is putting the artist and his band - The Velvet Revolution - on the radar. They're getting all kinds of play and recently released a new music video that got its world premiere in Whistler recently during the warm-up to the Sam Roberts show.

Electrolove sounds very new, but it's somehow timeless all the same - people will be dancing to this track for a long, long time, which is something that makes Kuba Oms happy. It's also the exact kind of vibe he and his bandmates are going for on their new album that's in progress - and Whistler fans will be able to hear samples of this Friday when they play a free show at Whistler Olympic Park.

Pique caught up with Oms at home in Victoria last week as he was waiting for a bus.

"The new stuff I'm doing now will be more consistent (than my solo album)," he says. "There's going to be a dance vibe, but a fairly laid back vibe that's fairly poppy. We're feeling in a positive mood these days and the songs that come out feel good in the same kind of way."

Oms has been in music for a long time, once turning down a tennis scholarship in the U.S. to focus on making music - all kinds of music, to match all of his diverse musical influences. That's why all of the songs on his debut solo album sound so different, like a mixed tape with the one unifying factor being Oms' voice. But with his new sound Oms thinks he's found the right groove.

"We're all excited about the momentum we have right now," he says." Electrolove is paving the way for a new era in our operations, so to speak.

"I feel the singing and the other guys' singing has really developed and we have some beautiful harmonies and some cool builds. The beats are incorporating a DJ, which is something we've always done, but we use lots of DJ which kinds of jolts the audience and gets the place jamming. In some cases if you walked into a club with your eyes closed and heard the music you'd think it's all DJ, but then you open your eyes and see guys on stage."

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