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KTV appealing to kids


Whistler youth have the opportunity to get behind the scenes or in front of the camera with Kid’s TV World. Organized by Whistler-based musician, Kibwe, KTV-Communications is a 30-minute production by kids, for kids and about kids.

"It’s just a package about what kid’s like to do for entertainment and what they do in everyday life," explains Kibwe. "They learn the whole video process and eventually how to do it all on their own. The kids that are already involved have produced a five minute movie."

Kibwe has had the idea in the works for years, and with the new video production facilities at Maurice Young Millennium Place, he’s ready to launch. The programs will be shown on Whistler Cable 6. He’s also hoping MuchMusic will plug the interactive project and will also be shown in 45 countries in Africa as a type of cultural tool.

"We are doing an exchange. Children in Africa are doing the same and footage will be brought back here. This is just one way to help bring children around the world together," says Kibwe.

There is no fee to be involved in KTV. Children can register simply by calling 935-8416.