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Krankin Up mountain biking

Collectively Krankin Up the Disorder premieres this Friday at Crankworx



What: CKD

When: Friday, July 28

Where: Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC)

Pist-n-Broke may be famous for its big-air flicks produced on a shoestring budget, but the boys – Cory Leclerc and Ambrose Weingart – are even more well known around these parts as a cocky pair. They are so confident in their filmmaking ability they have taken two of the biggest titles in mountain bike filmmaking and put them all under the Pist-n-Broke umbrella. The result is their newest film: Collectively Krankin up the Disorder (CKD).

Cocky? Or maybe their films are just that good. The public can throw their two cents in at the film’s premiere Friday, July 28 at the Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC) as part of the Crankworx festitivites.

"It’s a bit of a sassy name," Leclerc admits from his editing suite in North Vancouver. "Things like New World Disorder. Those freeride guys make hardcore movies with lots of big moves. It’s a particular formula with pluses and minuses. Everyone is looped out about The Collective , but sometimes you don’t always want the granola, you want some Disorder in there to get you pumped. That is what I love about mountain biking; it is so diverse."

Somewhere between sweeping, breathtaking landscape footage and adrenaline-high big air lands the premise of CKD, the third and final installment of the Pist-n-Broke Back in the Saddle series.

World class riders such as Ben Boyco, Wade Simmons, Kenny Smith, Joride Lunn, Darren Berrecloth and Geoff Gulevich tear up tracks and sky in Costa Rica, Austria and Italy along with new haunts along North America’s west coast.

"I think compared to our other films, there is a lot more riding in this," Leclerc said. "A lot of the other films used voiceover as well. This time we’ve done everything in real time. Riders are on location talking about the moves before they are hitting them. This way, you are there with the rider. Everyone is cheering him on in real time in real audio. We try to put you right out there this time round."

Leclerc refers to his partner in crime Weingart and himself as the old married couple, wracking up more than a decade of friendship and likely decades more of filmmaking to come. The Williams Lake boys left home seeking the snowboarding frontier, which eventually led to time in the bike park along with a riding career for Leclerc.

Although still sponsored by Giant and holding the title of B.C. biker cross champ this year, Leclerc devotes his time primarily to filmmaking. The rider turned filmmaker, who is no stranger to gracing the cover of Bike Magazine , enjoys the freedom producing affords him.

"I think you connect better with the audience because you are still one of them," Leclerc said of his dual role. "Most action sports (filming) guys still ride as hard as anybody I know. We know our audience; what they want."

And what they want is what Leclerc describes as a good Knicks tape, so expect plenty of burly big mountain moves along with freeride new school riding all playing out to an energized, pump-you-up soundtrack.

"Sports videos should play like a good Knicks tape: it’s not all casual, you need more fire under the hood," he said.

The film premier screens after the Nissan Biker X competition. Premier doors open at 11 p.m.