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Known car thief wanted in Whistler



Police are seeking the public's assistance in locating Joshua Kale Lundstrom, 29, a known car thief who is in breach of probation. He has already been spotted in the Whistler area, although he is listed with a Vancouver address. He was arrested here last year on auto theft charges, and RCMP believe he may be active again.

Lundstrom is described as five feet, 10 inches tall with short brown hair. His most distinguishing feature is a tattoo around his neck that reads "Hardluck."

Police are urging anyone who sees Lundstrom to call 911. Under no circumstances should you approach him yourself, as he has been armed in the past.

He is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for breaching the conditions of his probation.

Lundstrom was arrested on Oct. 9, 2008 in Whistler in a stolen vehicle, and after the ensuing investigation by the Sea to Sky General Investigation Section he was charged with 41 offences including multiple counts of Possession of Stolen Property, Fraud, Theft, Possession and Use of a Stolen Credit Card. He pled guilty and on Nov. 13, 2008 was sentenced to two years and four months in jail.

RCMP seek information on sexual assault

The RCMP are looking for the public's assistance in identifying an individual wanted for questioning in connection with a sexual assault.

At 7 p.m. on June 17, a female hitchhiking to Pemberton was picked up at the corner of Whistler Cay and Highway 99 by a white truck with a flatbed. The truck had oversized tires and wood in the back that was covered by a blue or black tarp.

According to the victim's statement, the man drove her to Alpine Way and demanded payment for the ride. When she did not pay the suspect proceeded to sexually assault the woman, who escaped the vehicle and contacted police.

The man is described as being in his late 20s, muscular, with dirty blonde hair. He had facial stubble, a round face, and was wearing a dirty white T-shirt and black pants.

The victim is being asked to look at mugshots of possible suspects, including a suspect from a sexual assault who was arrested in September 2008 for a similar crime. She will also be asked to assist a police sketch artist.

Anyone with information that could assist police, or with knowledge of other instances of sexual assault to hitchhikers, is asked to call 604-932-3044.

The RCMP has also warned women to avoid hitchhiking. "It's not encouraged, especially if you are alone," said Sergeant Steve Wright of the Whistler RCMP. "This happened in daylight, it's not something that happened late at night.