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Know Your Onion


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2) Canada has sent relatively few pros to Major League Baseball teams over the years, but that has changed a lot recently. There are now a record 16 Canadian players that are active in Major League Baseball - can you name five of them? (Hint: Two of them are currently with the Toronto Blue Jays)

3) What Canadian swimmer recently won gold in the 100-metre freestyle races at the U.S. Grand Prix in Califonia - one spot ahead of Olympic superstar Michael Phelps?

4) Canada is in the midst of qualifiers for the 2011 World Cup of Rugby, and recently moved up two spots in the world rankings to 13 th after a win over Georgia. The team still has a long way to go to crack the top-10, but progress is slow and steady. What Sea to Sky athlete plays for Team Canada?

5) Ski Cross is a new Olympic discipline, and Canada is arguably the favourite to win medals with podium appearances at almost every event last season and a podium sweep for the men at the 2010 venue at Cypress. The team features several Sea to Sky athletes - can you name them?

6) Although Canada has produced some amazing doubles tennis teams over the years (most of them involving Daniel Nestor), but athletes have had a hard time cracking the top-50 in singles play. Recently a young woman from Montreal has been surging up through the rankings into the top-25 - who is she?

7) Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto is a permanent testament to Canada's art scene, but it also includes several athletes. Can you name three? How about three that aren't hockey players?

8) The 2010 Olympic Games are now less than eight months away. What is Canada's goal for medals in the Olympics and Paralympics?

9) The Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club (soccer to us Canadians) will make its Major League Soccer debut in 2011, although they already play the top MLS teams as part of their rotation in the United Soccer League including Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact. Where will they play?

10) The IOC is currently considering applications for seven sports, and will pick two of them for inclusion in the 2016 Summer Games. Can you name two of the sports?