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Know Your Onion


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2) Lester Bowles Pearson served as PM for almost six years, and is also credited with universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan and the Order of Canada. I wonder what he would have accomplished given Macdonald's 18 years.

3) Pierre Elliot Trudeau, an elbows-out, middle-finger-up, debate destroying political animal that served as PM for more than 15 years. To say he dominated Canadian politics is an understatement, as I think even the media was a little scared of him. His motto was "reason before passion," but he never applied it to himself.

4) It took 100 years, from 1880 to 1980. Up until then our anthem was God Save The Queen - that nice lady on our $20 bill.

5) The Plains of Abraham, located in Quebec's Battlefields Park. While Canadian history has a reputation for being boring, at least compared to most countries, this was a hum-dinger. There were actually several battles fought outside Quebec's walls leading up to the big September battles in 1759, where both General Montcalm (French and Canadian soldiers) and General Wolfe were fatally wounded. Now that's a battle.

6) The Meech Lake Accord. Elijah Harper was a First Nations representative in the Manitoba legislature, and they needed unanimous support in the house for the province to sign onto the accord. Some would label that feather a hero, others would accuse it of nearly breaking up the country when the separation movement forced a referendum on Quebeckers.

7) General Charles de Gaulle was a bit of a nationalist jerk, giving the French Resistance - of which he was a part - full credit for liberating France from the Nazi's, and maybe a second assist to the allied forces that lost so many men in the Invasion of Normandy.

8) Jean Chretien and his wife Aline were ready to do battle with the intruder for 10 whole minutes, because their RCMP guards couldn't find the right key to get into the building.

9) William Lyon MacKenzie King always knew he'd be on the $50 bill.

10) Tommy Douglas, also the winner of CBC's "Greatest Canadian" contest against legends like Wayne Gretzky and Terry Fox. To say that Canadians feel strongly about universal healthcare is a huge understatement.

Sports and Leisure - Who knew Canadians could move without skates?

1) This past NHL season Sidney "Sid the Kid" Crosby hoisted the Stanley Cup for the first time with the Pittsburg Penguins, and next season he's a shoo-in for the Canadian Olympic hockey team. How well do you know the kid: How old was he when he hoisted the cup? How many years has he been with the Penguins? Where is he from originally? Where was he playing when he was drafted to the NHL?