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Know Your Onion


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2) Would you believe that the Canadian flag went through several iterations before finally being adopted in 1965? Parliament put out a call to Canadians to use their imagination and talent to put one together. There were as many as 5,900 designs submitted. Some included a design where a beaver against a white background was flanked by two red bars. Another had three maple leafs flanked by two blue bars before finally settling on the single maple leaf. Which Prime Minister oversaw the adoption of the Canadian flag?

3) He looked FLQ terrorists in the eye and said "just watch me." He helped bring Canada's constitution home. He forever alienated the Province of Alberta with his idea of a National Energy Program that would see energy revenues directed back to Ottawa, increasing regional tension throughout the country. But one thing for which he's most remembered is that he did a pirouette behind the back of Queen Elizabeth II. Which Prime Minister did this?

4) "O Canada" is this country's national anthem - but it wasn't always so. Many years passed between it first being sung and its being made the nation's official anthem. Now one of its sentences has been copyrighted by the 2010 Olympics and you have to say "registered trademark" each time you sing it (just kidding, we hope). It's still our anthem. But exactly how many years passed between the first singing and official acceptance?

5) Canada faced one of its great landmark events in Quebec City, a fortress city that has preserved its heritage down to a "T." There was once a great battle between the British General James Wolfe and the French Marquis de Montcalm that officially established British empirical hegemony over Canada. Today you can have picnics on the site where it took place. Where exactly did that famous battle take place?

6) Brian Mulroney suffered a major career setback when he tried to open up the constitution to recognize Quebec as a "distinct society." He also aimed to give Quebec a constitutional veto, as well as increased provincial powers regarding immigration and provincial input in selecting Senators and Supreme Court judges. All provinces needed to approve of it, and the accord meant to make all this happen was defeated in the Manitoba legislature as one of its members, Elijah Harper, defeated it by holding up a feather and stopping it in its tracks. Which national accord was defeated with a feather?

7) "Vive le Quebec libre" was a quote that launched a thousand ships in the direction of sovereignty in Quebec. It touched off a heated debate that rose to become a conflict that led to the suspension of civil liberties through the War Measures Act - implemented by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The quote came on a visit by a French President. Who was that president who helped sow the seeds of separatism in Quebec?