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Know Your Onion


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3) "...Next to the Pacific Ocean scenery

Rests Victoria, BC.

Next stop, near the oil

You find Edmonton on Alberta soil.

From there, you pass prairies and farms

As you take in Regina, Saskatchewan's charm...."

Every good Canadian geography quiz has at least one question about provincial capitals. Here at Pique Newsmagazine , we're not prepared to let tradition slide just yet. So, in ode to Geography 101, we have to ask: what is the capital of New Brunswick?

4) Back on your road trip, you decide you have seen enough of the East Coast. You do a U-turn on the Trans Canada Highway and make your way home to Whistler. But on your way back, you decide you want to see the famous Canadian Shield. In what provinces and territories could you find it?

5) Wars may have been fought on her soil, and dinosaur bones may be lodged in her rocks, but at only 142 years old, the country of Canada is still a teen compared to the rest of the world. The last territory added to her ranks was Nunavut, located in the very, very, very northeast of the country in the high arctic. What year did Nunavut officially become the 13 th province and territory?

6) Mountains are a big deal in Canada, no pun intended. You can ski and snowboard somewhere in almost every province and territory, and it wouldn't be a far stretch to proclaim skiing and snowboarding as Canada's unofficial national pastimes. If you wanted to see the highest mountain Canada, where would you go?

7) British Columbia and California often draw comparisons; both are known for their laid-back mentality, temperate weather, and salmon cuisine. But while West Coast Living is the mantra of the Pacific-hugging population, several key differences still distinguish the north from the south. Like population. It would be easy to guess which place has a larger population, California or British Columbia, so we at the Pique came up with a spicier question. Can you tell us, instead, whether more people live in California or ... Canada?

8) A few weeks later on your trans-Canada road trip you enter British Columbia from the east side. Glancing at your map, you see a place called Bountiful, B.C. It sounds vaguely familiar. Why?

9) Debt! Election threats! Increased involvement in Afghanistan! It's time to exercise your Charter Rights and give our head of state a piece of your mind. After you finish penning your polite, 5,000-word letter about the problems of the world, what address should you write on the envelope to make sure it ends up on the desk of Prime Minister Stephen Harper?