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8) Through Own The Podium 2010 the Canadian Olympic Committee has sets its sights on placing first among nations in total medals in 2010 - something that may be possible after winning more medals in world championship events than any other nation this past winter. The Paralympic goal is to place in the top-three.

9) There was talk of building a new stadium for the 'Caps, but in the end the owners decided the best thing was to move into B.C. Place stadium - which is undergoing significant renovations for the Games, and is looking at alternatives to the inflatable (and sometimes deflatable) roof.

10) Submissions have been made on behalf of golf, baseball, softball, karate, rugby sevens, squash and roller sports - basically speed skating with inline skates.

Olympics - Have you heard we're hosting the Olympics?

1) What 2010 Winter Olympic venue was home, very briefly to the "tyto alba?"

2) On the same theme, what creature had to be collected and re-located during the construction of the 2010 alpine downhill at Creekside in Whistler?

3) Can you name the three Olympic mascots? And for a bonus point do you know which one is also the Paralympic mascot?

4) At the first Olympic games what metal was the medal made out of for first place?

5) What year did Canada first compete in the Winter Games?

6) When was Canada's first ski club formed?

7) When did the sport of luge make its Olympic debut?

8) How fast can athletes travel at the Whistler Sliding Centre, considered the fastest and most technical track in the world? How many Gs - a measure of G-Force pressure whereas one G is equivalent to your body weight - do the athletes absorb around the hairpin turns

9) When did Skeleton return to the Winter Games?

10) What are the origins of the Paralympic Games?

Olympic Answers

1) First of all, bravo if you knew the Latin name for the common Barn owl. During construction of the Richmond Oval the owls flew in through the large equipment doors and nested inside. They were lured out with food, and barred from getting back in.

2) The three-centimetre long coastal tailed frogs were found in Boyd's Creek, temporarily suspending construction of the Olympic runs until the amphibians could be relocated to another creek. The species is considered at risk in B.C., but populations appear to be somewhat stable in the Whistler area - know that we know they're here.