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Kingdom of kiddy tales and fun

Storytelling theatre gets families involved



By Nicole Fitzgerald

A long lineup of families filed up the stairs while waiting for a picture with Santa Claus last weekend at MY Millennium Place.

You would think a gong show would erupt with unsettled kids, but all eyes are fixed on the theatre stage as kids patiently wait in silence. They aren’t looking at the man in red, but instead at a vibrant woman dressed in a glittering gown and tiara. They call her the Queen of Storytime — parents call her the Queen of keeping kids happy.

Both are true, with the storytime queen — a.k.a. Amie Wolf — hosting her holiday-themed story theatre show Friday, Dec. 22 and Saturday, Dec. 23; and Thursday, Dec. 28 and Friday, Dec. 29 at 4:30 p.m. at MY Millennium Place.

“It’s interactive story theatre for family audiences,” Wolf said. “It’s an approach to storytelling that engages the audience on a number of different sensory levels.”

Wolf plays out stories with kids from the audience acting out various roles or participating in singing and sound effects. Colourful costumes add to the comic display of holiday-themed stories.

Wolf, who has traveled B.C. and Alberta with her show for almost a decade, hopes to engage children’s imaginations and spur their confidence.

“With kids watching too much television, they are more prepared to be a viewer or passive; this is not the way we were meant to be,” she said. “These kids are not just watching the show, they are the show. It’s about making a space for their live contributions. I think that is an important thing for kids today.”

Kids love it, parents love it: The Queen of Storytime opens the book on family fun.