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Kindree wins Test of Metal

Windy Simms reels in Brandi Heisterman



The 17th annual Test of Metal mountain bike race held on Saturday, June 16 was one of the wettest on record. About 850 people started the race and 120 of those starters pulled out of the race. The wet weather led to more crashes than usual and a large number of mechanical issues ranging from broken chains and braking systems.

Neal Kindree was the fastest competitor of the day and Wendy Simms was the first woman to cross the finish line.

Brandi Heisterman leaded the women for much of the race. Wendy Simms closed the gap in the final quarter of the race and was the first woman to cross the finish line.

The top five men and women took home more than $3,000 in cash prizing.

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Overall Top Five Men
1. Neal Kindree - 2:34:24
2. Chris Sheppard - 2:38:42
3. Cory Wallace - 2:41:27
4. Greg Day - 2:44:41
5. Logan Wetzel

Overall Top Five Women
1. Wendy Simms - 3:07:19
2. Kate Aardal - 3:09:41
3. Brandi Heisterman - 3:09:56
4. Mical Dyck - 3:10:13
5. Natasha Hernday - 3:22:21