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Kids stranded at bus stops on last day of school

Possible grad prank grounds majority of school bus fleet



What may have been intended as a harmless grad prank left Whistler's school kids stranded in the cold at bus stops Friday, unable to get to school.

Four of the five school buses that cover the Whistler school routes were vandalized at the Whistler Secondary School. Air was let out of the tires and the valve stems were damaged.

"When our staff arrived that morning to do our bus runs, the air had been let out of the tires," said Rick Hume, director of facilities and services for School District 48.

One bus had been painted with the words "Grad 2010."

Hume said the situation would not be taken lightly.

"It was a miserable day... and here we've got elementary school kids sitting out on the street waiting for their bus and that to me is a huge safety concern," he added.

"I really worry about the younger kids, stuck on the side of the road.

"(The vandals) didn't think that through."

The school district managed to spread the news via the radio by 7:30 a.m. but kids were still left stranded at bus stops and parents were left scrambling for alternate arrangements on the last day of school.

The one bus that was not vandalized, because it was parked at Spring Creek Community School, was able to pick up kids at Pinecrest and Black Tusk.

The buses were up and running for the afternoon runs home.