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Kids on camera get noticed



What: Whistler Short Youth Fest

Where: MY Place

When: Dec. 7, 1 p.m.

Who said kids never listen? A bunch of Whistler whipper-snappers have not only taken advice but taken notes, and the product of their collective talents has now taken the Whistler Film Festival by storm.

Three shorts created by Whistler youth in conjunction with Whistler Cable will be shown as part of Saturday’s special Film Festival Family Program. Director of Cable 6’s children’s programming, Cecilia Davis, said it was a misconception that all Whistler kids were insular and unaware of life outside the resort.

"These kids astounded me with their ability to get beyond the froth and create compelling little pieces with brutal honesty in a shadowy, realistic and cynical style."

First up is Sisters , a film about a teenager thrown into parenting her younger sister when the two become orphaned. Sisters was written, directed, and produced by the 12 year-old hosts of "KICS" Cable 6 TV show, Jasmine Hendriks and Dana Jensen. The film flashes through the rags to riches stages of their lives and recounts their journey from emptiness to contentment.

Next up is Mobs , an experimental "mobster" style film in which Giovanni's plan of revenge goes terribly wrong. But in the end the Giovanni brothers face the truth about their leader and find strength in themselves. This film was made during a two-day intensive short video film workshop taught by Cable 6 and created by a group of boys aged 10 to 14. The film was written by Dillon Melamed, directed by Stefen Lee, edited by Eryn Doyle, filmed by Tanner Atkins, with sound by Luc Atkins and David Mellor and casting Jay Milstein, Eryn, Dillon Mellamed, Luc Atkins and David Mellor.

The last short Jozlyn is about a naïve, quirky 11-year-old girl who doesn't question her being until her sister forces her to accept that she is "different" upon being shown her adoption papers. Jozlyn runs away, is befriended by a street kid named Cat and is happy to accept her new life as Cat's accomplice until their bubble is brutally burst.

Directed by Tori Williamson, edited by Loni Wake and casting Maddie Reid, Tori Williamson and Loni Wake, this short film was also made in Cable 6’s weekend film workshop.