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Kids give hero play a green thumbs up


What: A Hero for All

Where: MY Place

When: Friday, April 18

A good play to take the kids to on Good Friday is A Hero For All , about a boy who creates a super-hero alter ego in order to deal with some of life’s problems.

But does Kenny really need to create a super-hero persona to survive?

Hero is the story of a boy who returns to school after a month in the hospital, hoping everything will be the same as before. But is it? What are his classmates saying about him? Has he lost his friends? With dynamic theatrical style, Kenny reinvents himself as Captain Blasto whose powers can overcome all problems – until he realizes he must face up to life's challenges on his own.

The Green Thumb Theatre production won the Sterling Award for Outstanding Production for Young Audiences in Edmonton and has been a perennial favourite for this acting troupe ever since. Green Thumb is one of Canada's leading theatre companies for young people, inviting its audiences to re-examine their feelings, prejudices, beliefs and aspirations.

"Our mission is to enlighten and empower young people by providing accessible, relevant, emotionally-grounded insights into young people's issues – without preaching, proselytizing or condescension. Most importantly, we seek to identify the sources and not just the symptoms of problems in our society, encouraging critical thinking and debate."

Green Thumb have always operated under the belief that young Canadians face the same scope of issues, problems, concerns and interests that adults do; however, many young people are disempowered from effectively confronting difficult or complex situations. Each year they tour every school district in British Columbia, performing to more than 180,000 children. Green Thumb Theatre’s productions have subsequently been staged by 200 theatre companies world-wide and translated into Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Hebrew and Japanese.

Tickets are $12 adults, $7 kids. Ph: 604-935-8419.