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Kerfoot construction noise receives Creekside complaints



"Bang. Bang. Bang. All day long. It’s brutal."

That’s how Creekside resident John McBean describes construction noise from the Kerfoot property next to Alpha Lake Park.

"The noise is emanating right through residential neighbourhoods," he told Pique Newsmagazine in an interview. "There’s also a park right beside it."

Once construction is finished, the 7.9-acre Kerfoot property will consist of a 5,000 square foot home, four auxiliary buildings and a 20,000 square foot private ice rink.

McBean’s complaint of aural assault stems from machinery used to drive piles into the ground. The piles will support the rink’s foundation.

"I work out of the house and the windows have to be closed all day," said the six-year Gondola Way resident, who is also the father of a 15-month-old child.

McBean said he has contacted the RMOW bylaw department to see if the noise pollution was violating any municipal laws.

According to Bean, the RMOW told him bylaws allow construction noise from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"What they’re doing is completely legal," said McBean, who is in the construction business himself. "They did the same thing when they were building Village North.

"But this is not the same as normal construction noise – it’s an ice rink."

McBean said the noise has been going on for one month and will most likely continue for two more weeks. He estimates there are a total 80 piles at the site.

"Basically, it’s a commercial building in a residential neighbourhood," he said.

The RMOW bylaw department did not return Pique Newsmagazine ’s repeated phone calls before this week’s deadline.

Whistler municipal council voted 4-3 earlier this year to approve the project’s building permit after an extensive debate.

"The rink is the problem, it’s over the top," said Councillor Nick Davies. "I don’t know where the line is but I think the rink is over the line."

"I find it incredible that council unanimously agree the rink is out of balance with where we intend to go, yet the project is being considered," said Councillor. David Kirk.

Greg Kerfoot did, however, offer 1.56 acres of his site to the municipality for an addition onto Alpha Lake Park as part of his original development plan. That plan was rejected by council.