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Keeping it short and sweet with an adrenaline film fest



What: Sawtooth Adrenaline Film Festival

Where: MY Place

When: Friday, April 18

All you adrenaline junkies, it's time to take a seat. Don't worry, you won't have to stay put for long. Just long enough to get you fired up for the next season of silliness, brought on by the touring Sawtooth Film Festival, on tonight at 9:30 p.m.

What’s different about this film festival is that you don’t have to sit through a slew of scenes that send you into slumber land until you reach the bits you like. Only the juiciest segments will be played from some of the newest, most popular and daring sports films of the year, all packaged together to satisfy even the shortest sit-still attention spans.

Working with some of the biggest adventure movie-making names in the industry as well as independent first-timers, Sawtooth Films aims to bring its audiences a diverse mix of high quality heart-pumping entertainment. Founder and president, Mike Todd, said the event prides itself on only showing high quality productions.

"I look for unique and intense content and we work with filmmakers who are not only passionate about their subject but they live the lifestyle they promote," he said.

This is the second time Sawtooth has featured at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. Their inaugural show last year was a sell-out.

The festival starts tonight at 9:30 p.m. and tickets are $10 from the MY Place box office on 604-935-8419. Here's a sneak preview on what bangs you'll get for your bucks:

Valhalla by Teton Gravity Research

10 minute extreme kayaking segment featuring the waterfalls of Norway.

Dirt Divas

15 minute mountain bike documentary giving an in-depth look into the sport of women’s mountain biking.

White Trax by Black & White Productions

Super short, adrenaline charged, first descent of Whistler-Blackcomb on a unicycle.

Base Jump Baffin Island

12 minute incredible B.A.S.E. Jumping expedition to Baffin Island. Some of the worlds most daring B.A.S.E. jumpers explore frozen fjords and 4,000 foot cliffs.

Aerated By Scott Lindgren

15 minutes of Scott Lindgren’s latest kayaking achievements including first descents and Indonesian kayak surfing.

Four Play By Treetop Films

20 minute snowboarding short film featuring exploration of the pristine backcountry of British Columbia.

San Francisco Cronicals

Eight minute segment featuring the latest craze of kite boarding.