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Kashino and Facundo share outstanding student award


The official last day of high school this year is June 30 and most students will have spent the last weeks cramming for and writing exams.

But in the middle of the end-of-year chaos Whistler Secondary held an awards night on Friday, June 18. The awards are held annually to recognize excellence in academics, athletics, arts and citizenship.

The Outstanding Student of the Year for Grade 12 award, which recognizes the senior student or students who make contributions in a number of fields, was given to Zendai Kashino and Verena Facundo.

Zendai Kashino also won the award for the top Grade Point Average (GPA) for Grade 12. Graham Williamson won for Grade 11, Anita Facundo for Grade 10, Mollie Greenfield for Grade 9 and Arnel Egido for Grade 8.

The Science "Headed for Success" Award was presented to Zendai Kashino. Other science awards were give to Mariah Spence for Chemistry 12, Shannon MacNamara for Chemistry 11, Natasha Dudley for Biology 12, Graham Williamson for Biology 11, Chelsea Kingzett for Grade 10, Keegan Blunden for Grade 9 and Alex Johnston for Grade 8.

In Math, Jacob Lepine was top in Physics 12, Graham Williamson in Physics 11, Zendai Kashino in Calculus 12 and Grade 12, Ani Tchakarova in Grade 11, Anita Facundo in Grade 10, Mollie Greenfield in Grade 9 and Evan Ford in Grade 8.

In Social Studies, Alex Sims was tops in History 12, Brendan Grills in Civilization 12, Graham Williamson in Grade 11, Stephanie McColm in Grade 10, Ana Jimenez in Grade 9 and Arnel Egido in Grade 8.

In French As a Second Language the top award went to Harlan Sim in Grade 11, Kailee Darlington in Grade 10, Samantha Shrimpton in Grade 9 and Arnel Egido in Grade 8.

In Law 12 the award went to Katelyn McKeever.

In Geography 12 the winner was Robert Lamond.

In English the winners were Hilary Iles for Grade 12, Alix Arcelean in Grade 11, Chelsea McCurdy in Grade 10, Ali Calladine in Grade 9 and Berit Beattie in Grade 8.

In Outdoor Recreation Leadership the awards went to Hilary Carrell in Grade 12 and Mark Smith in Grade 11, with Most Improved going to Graham Williamson.

Gernot Pruschak won the International Student Award.

Peer Tutor awards went to Cole MacDonald, Dylan Jones, Anita Facundo and Mariah Spence.

In Musical/Choir the award went to Hilary Carrell.

In Visual Arts Laura McColm and Amiel Lopez were recognized for Grade 12, Koki Todokoro for Grade 11, Lenka Prochazka for Grade 10, Mollie Greenfield for Grade 9 and Kyle Williams for Grade 8.

Tristan Underhill won Technology 10, and Fenner Rockcliffe Woodwork 9.

Textile winners were Lana Kashino, Rinka Kim and Luana Auer.

Food winners were Tarra Booth, Nick Wenger and Arnel Egido.

Design winners were Amiel Lopez, Kota Kagoshima, Jackie Pamintuan, Nicki Murdoch and Fenner Rockliffe.

In Physical Education the awards went to John Chan in High Performance, Adam Schmidt in Grade 10, Georgia Baker in Grade 9 and Chantal Deane in Grade 8.

For Work Experience the winner was Skylar Barron.

There were numerous athletics awards.

The Outstanding Male Athlete was Ries Iaconetti-Bush and the Outstanding Female Athlete was Livvy Murray.

Frazer McGaw won the Senior Rugby Award and Mahon Lamont won for Bantam Rugby.

Tristan Underhill and Jennifer McTavish won for mountain biking.

Adam Schmidt and Lauren Doak won for track and field.

In Senior Boys Basketball Reis Iaconetti-Bush was the MVP and Alex Sim the most improved. For Bantam Boys Basketball the Most Improved was Wilhelm Thunberg.

For Senior Girls Basketball the MVP went to Jackie Pamintuan. Mollie Greenfield won for Junior Girls and Charlotte Javin for Bantam Girls.

In soccer the MVPs were Will Robson for the senior boys and Hilary Carrell for senior girls.

In volleyball, Reis Iaconetti-Bush was the MVP for the senior boys and Livvy Murray for the senior girls. For junior girls the top players were Mollie Greenfield (Grade 9) and Chelsea Langenstam (Grade 10). For bantam girls it was Berit Beattie.

Citizenship Award winners were Alix Arcalean, Hilary Carrell, Verene Facundo, Dyland Jones, Zendai Kashino, Marielle Thompson and Nilo Valdez Pena.

There were too many service awards to mention and dozens of students in all grades were named to the honour roll for maintaining an A average (86 per cent with no marks less than a B (73 per cent). Graduating students on the honour roll were Luana Auer, Hilary Carrell, Tala Clark, Franciska Durfeld, Natasha Dudley, Verena Facundo, Ryan Funk, Hilary Hiles, Zendai Kashino, Rebecca Kinney, Barbara Kolvek, Taylor Laidlaw, Laura McColm, Katelyn McKeever, Jesse Melamed, Livvy Murray, Mariah Spence, Paige Stewart and Patrick Taillefer.