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K2 races own podium at Mt. Washington


The Whistler Mountain Ski Club’s K2 races (aged 13 to 14) dominated the podium at the Tech Giant Slalom at Mt. Washington this past weekend, winning 14 of 18 podium positions against other teams in their zone in three giant slalom races.

In the opening race on Jan. 9, Whistler’s Kailee Darlington and Kaylie Higgs placed first and third on the women’s side, while Emma King was fifth, Charley Field ninth and Rae Swette 10 th to round out the top-10. Darlington posted the fastest time in both runs, and finished with a time of one minute, 50.14 seconds, 0.7 seconds ahead of Mt. Washington’s Amanda Birtig.

For the men, Matthew Segal and Brodie Seger were first and third for the WMSC, with John McIver fourth, Logan Pehota fifth, Blake Ramsden seventh and Kyle Gardiner ninth. Segal was also the fastest skier in both runs, and finished with a combined time of 1:46.85, almost two seconds ahead of Paolo Gatti.

On Saturday, Jan. 10, it was a similar story with different names. Emma King and Morgan Taylor earned two medals for the WMSC in second and third place, with King finishing a whole second behind Mt. Washington’s Amanda Birtig. Charley Field was sixth, Sofi Leroux seventh, and Elianne Taillefer 10 th .

On the men’s side, Broderick Thompson won gold in 1:45.91, more than two seconds ahead of teammate Matthew Segal’s 1:48.37. John McIver made it a Whistler podium sweep in third place, while Logan Pehota, Blake Ramsden and Bryan Cadman were eight, ninth and 10 th respectively.

On the final day Kailee Darlington picked up her second gold medal, edging out Birtig by more than three seconds. Other Whistler skiers in the top-10 were Emma King in fifth, Carley Field in sixth, Morgan Taylor in seventh and Rae Swette in ninth.

John McIver continued to climb the ranks on Sunday, moving up to first place while Brodie Seger picked up the silver medal one tenth of a second later. Ramsden was fourth, Pehota fifth, Kyle Gardiner seventh, Sloan Sainas eighth, and Rowdy Reeves 10 th .

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