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Justin Lamoreux on the halfpipe

"Just tune everything out."


Profile: Justin Lamoureux

Event: Halfpipe

Age at 2006 Olympics: 29

Years with National Team: Six years (non-consecutive)

What’s your biggest trick?

Hopefully landing – that’s what I’m working on. I just work on a fairly big bag of tricks, and my biggest goal for all of them is to land them all the time, regardless of what I’m doing.

How do you get ready for a competition?

I wake up, eat, warm up, stretch, get myself together and to the hill, scrape my boards, and make sure everything is good to go. At the contest itself it’s generally like another day of snowboarding really. I talk to my friends, joke around a bit, listen to music.

The biggest difference, when it comes down to a few minutes before my run, that’s when I start to really think about just my run and that’s all. I’ll go over it in my head, do a few breathing exercises or whatnot to get everything centered and focused on what I’m doing. Just tune everything out.

Do you listen to music when riding, and what are you listening to?

I’ve been listening to music before I go riding, then I was kind of fooling around with it at the last World Cup and had my earphones in the whole time while I was riding. It was pretty good overall. I’d like to figure out a better earphone system, but overall I was pretty happy with it.

When I’m riding it’s usually Misfits, Slagwagon, Social Distortion, and a couple of other punk bands. Those are probably the three main ones. I’ve got my iPod Shuffle for riding and have a little playlist on there and just put it on shuffle. I don’t have a song I just have to listen to or anything, whatever comes up at the moment is fine.

Do you remember your first snowboard?

Kemper Mini Rampage, Christmas 1988. I still have it. I skied since I was two, but once I saw my friends had boards, I was like ‘that makes way more sense than skiing does right now’ because I was deeply into skateboarding and surfing at the time.

What is your worst injury?

Probably when I broke my leg last spring. I had six screws and a plate put in, it was my fib where it connects to my ankle. I’m still waiting for the (airport) detector to go off one day, but it hasn’t. I’m a little disappointed actually.

What do you like about halfpipe?