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Jungle getting deeper at Tommy Africa's



WHAT: Jungle and Bass

WHO: JnB Productions presents GTM

WHEN: Tuesdays

WHERE: Tommy Africa’s

There’s a new sound in the Underground and it’s getting the natives all riled up. Tuesday nights at Tommy Africa’s has been invaded by jungle and breaks and is bringing in a variety of DJs to serve it up right.

Hosted by JnB Productions, Tommy’s is poised to give the well-established hip hop night at the Savage Beagle a run for its money.

"There really isn’t a club night like ours in Whistler," says JnB’s Brandon Thordarson. "I’ve lived in Whistler for a few years and know there is fan base here, there are people who want to hear that type of music. The first two nights that we hosted, it seems the people that showed up, they’re not there just because they want to go to a club night, they’re not walking around thinking ‘where should we go,’ they come to our night because they like jungle and breaks and they want to dance and that’s what they like."

Last week in particular exceeded the club’s and JnB’s expectations. The 175 patrons were more than enthusiastic, sales were more than estimated and management couldn’t have been more pleased. Part of that success must be attributed to JnB (which stands for jungle and breaks or founders Jamie and Brandon) and its customer-friendly business attitude.

"The no cover thing really works for us. If people don’t have to pay five bucks, that’s one more drink they can have at the bar. And as a promoter, we usually end up making that back because once you break the quota for bar sales we get a percentage. Everyone is happy because the customer doesn’t feel like they’ve had to pay anything up front, but those dollars will still get spent," explains Thordarson.

July 24 features GTM. This Vancouver DJ is kicking off a cross country promotion and brings a new arsenal to Tommy’s.

"GTM stands for Gargantuan Thrill Machine," said Thordarson. "He’s been producing for about five years and has played all over Vancouver and Whistler. He and MC Sweat put together a three-track album of break beats. This is his third record release and he’s starting his tour in Whistler and will be going right across Canada with a few gigs in Seattle."

Thordarson is hoping to build a small but loyal fan base this summer with the potential to explode in the coming winter. Jungle, he says, is quickly becoming mainstream and with the influx of seasonal international visitors who have already caught on to that style of music, Tommy’s tiki jungle will be shaking on Tuesdays.

"The underground isn’t really underground anymore," Thordarson says. "You’re hearing hip hop on the radio and jungle on TV. I was watching a car commercial the other day and they were playing drum and bass. People don’t even realize what they’re listening to. Those same people are now going into clubs and recognizing and liking that kind of music."