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Jumping through hoops for 2010

Fire and Ice remix features amped-up version of WB's weekly show set to sound of DJs and musicians



It's looking like Skiers Plaza is going to be the place to kick start a night of partying during the Olympics, complete with feats of athleticism and flames.

Darren Kinnaird has been producing Whistler Blackcomb's weekly Fire & Ice shows for about five years. But this is actually the 12 th year for the popular shows, which are a sort of outdoor welcome reception for visitors. Talented athletes throw down some jaw-dropping tricks, accompanied by DJs and fire jugglers, every Sunday through the winter season.

"They're all world-class athletes and they just happen to be part of the ski school, which is pretty cool," Kinnaird said.

The show has become so popular, in fact, that the Whistler Live! team has decided to include it in the nightly Olympic programming.

"They approached us last January. It was kind of our dream," Kinnaird said, recalling that three or four years ago he did an interview with Mountain Life Magazine and stated that they wanted to make it to the Olympics.

"It was pretty cool when they called us!"

In February, crowds of thousands are expected to gather in Skiers Plaza each evening during the Games to check out the spectacle, which has been dubbed Fire & Ice Remix.

"I just think it's going to be this amazing cap off to the day and a great way to finish off the celebrations," Kinnaird said.

"You kind of combine the sport and music and lighting package and everything that the guys have planned and I think it's just going to be an amazing way to showcase some of the best parts of Whistler."

The Remix will see the weekly event reinvented, with 15 to 18 athletes performing instead of the typical eight, using three rings of fire rather than just one.

"We're planning to have the ability to change the colour of the flames mid-show, so that's something our special effects team in Vancouver is working on."

The performance aspect of the Olympic shows with riders and skiers will last between 30 and 40 minutes.

"This will be... kind of an artistic show with art, dancing and music, and then the athletes will start being incorporated into the show," Kinnaird explained.

The entire show will be choreographed, with an artistic component, small jumping section, another larger artistic component featuring the main stage act, and then the jumping through rings of fire.

"The athletes will all be coming through at the same time - they'll be put in teams of three and so they'll be coming down three at a time, three guys doing 360s all at once or 720s."

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