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Spooktacular Story 3



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It had just happened, moments before. No one else was there yet. Maryam immediately remembered the vehicle she'd seen ahead of her in the distance, pulled off the road as best she could, put on her flashers and got out. A small explosion from the wreck made her flinch. She heard her cellphone ring as she closed the car door. She ignored it and tried to get as close as she could.

There was fire and rock and rain and chaos. Whoever was driving the engine, if they weren't injured, would have a mile to run back to see what had just happened.

The vehicle was mangled within the final car of the train. The two had merged into misshapen, monstrous shrapnel. There were pieces of both everywhere.

And then Maryam saw the driver of what was once a juggernaut. The red dreadlocks were dulled, wet. With rain, with...

Before she could even form her questions, there was a little voice beside her forming his. Michael had climbed out of his seat and followed her from their car.

"Who tied Winnie-the-Pooh on that truck? The fire is hurting him!" Michael shouted. He began to cry.

Maryam grabbed her son and pulled him to her so he couldn't see, but her own eyes and screams pointed firmly in the juggernaut's direction.