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Johnson vows to keep Ravens Crest alive

One of the Ravens Crest proponents has pledged to make a different proposal to Pemberton council and the SLRD every month until the project is passed or until a new council is elected.



"We will bring a new vision to this community with a bunch of people in a new election," said Colin Johnson.

"This really relates to protecting the Benchlands (real estate proposal) as the major facility for residential lots for the future of Pemberton," Johnson said with regard to the Village of Pemberton’s recent announcement that for the time being it will not give further consideration to the Ravens Crest proposal. "But our goal is to make sure that we’re in the game for the next 12 months and to provide (information to) a new council.

"We started nine months ago with Ravens Crest and collectively Cam (McIvor) and I have probably worked on it for a year prior, spending close to half a million.

"This (refusal) is truly out of left field and it’s coming from two people, Susan Gimse (SLRD) and (Pemberton Mayor) Elinor (Warner)."

SLRD Chairman John Turner said he could understand why the Ravens Crest group would be annoyed but he said it was just a case of bad timing.

"The Benchlands is in Area C which is director Gimse’s area and that’s how the SLRD gets involved in this situation. Currently the near term growth plans for Pemberton were focussed on the Benchlands with the facilities and infrastructure – the sewer and the water – designed for the long term growth being in that area.

"When the proposal came from Ravens Crest, it’s not that we feel that it’s not a good proposal, it’s just that we think it’s probably a little premature."