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John Furlong

Vancouver 2010's organizing committee head reflects on the year



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We are well past the honeymoon phase where you go through a lot of time when you are planning and thinking and searching for solutions and then you have to start digging and building and erecting… This will be a year that a lot of that is pulled together and once we are passed 2007 it will be getting to that stage where we are thinking of moving people out of this building and into venues to start operating them and so on, so it is moving very quickly.

Pique: What would you like for the holidays?

JF: Oh dear, I hadn’t really thought about it. You know what I want, a week for me to read and catch up and rest and come back rejuvenated. I just want to stop for a few minutes and put my feet up and finish all the books I am reading and come back in the New Year recognizing we will have passed another milestone.