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John Furlong

Vancouver 2010's organizing committee head reflects on the year



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The solution to this is literally going to be person by person. I think we have to find a way to get every person in the community to contribute to this. We have to look at this and find a way to get everybody to care about it to look at it as a significant thing to recognize that there is a huge advantage to this long term if we respond well to this.

We are looking at all kinds of ways to solve this. We are looking at temporary facilities, we are looking at home-stay, everything because we need to.

It takes sometimes a little bit of a crisis to get everybody to get focused and I think this is the one area that I think we have been a little bit slower than it might have been.

We just met last week with the broadcasters in Lausanne and it is a big issue for everybody.

The last thing you want to have to do is move people those distances every day. It is one thing to move somebody who is going once for an event but to have to move them again and again is something we would rather not do.

Pique: What else will we see in 2007?

JF: This year the things that you will see a lot of progress on are things like the torch relay plan, the ticketing plan, and by this time next year we will have met the mascot or mascots and that program will be launched.

The project will start to come alive because you will see the venues and you will start to feel the effect of the project on people. The excitement will grow and the awareness is growing.