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Joey Houssian 'horrified' by post-Olympic dog cull

RCMP and BC SPCA continue to investigate killing of 100 sled dogs



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The company subcontracts dogsled tours through a company called Trapper's Run, which has a pack of about 50 dogs and runs a kennel facility in the Callaghan. Jamie Hargreaves runs the kennel, which is described as "doggie heaven."

"All my guys can run free," she said. "Just as an example, at other companies you won't see any off a chain, whereas these guys can run free without a chain. In the summer you'll see me running 40 loose dogs on an ATV at a time, just running with me. It just shows they're happy.

"All these dogs are here because they want to be here."


With files from Clare Ogilvie and Andrew Mitchell