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Joey Houssian 'horrified' by post-Olympic dog cull

RCMP and BC SPCA continue to investigate killing of 100 sled dogs



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The company also created an "open-pen" kennel where dogs would not be tethered or chained. Thus far 85 per cent of the kennel has been transitioned to its new format with a goal of being transitioned 100 per cent before the summer.

Outdoor Adventures now has a company policy that any dogs that need to be euthanized be sent to a veterinarian. It claims there are no firearms on company property.

A veterinarian concluded a bi-annual inspection of all dogs and kennel conditions on December 1, 2010, and said he was "pleased at the substantive improvements seen at the facility and have no concern about the dogs' quality of life or for the care they are provided."

There has also been a lot of media interest from around the world. LeClair estimated that he had conducted over 30 media interviews, including half a dozen radio interviews and half a dozen television interviews. In many cases they have referred media to the SPCA.

A Facebook group titled "Boycott Outdoor Adventures in BC, Whistler" went from 600 members on Monday to over 35,000 on Wednesday afternoon. Members posting on the group's wall are imploring people to boycott the Whistler resort until it stops supporting dog sled operations. Others demand that Houssian go to prison for allegedly ordering the killings.

Protests over the way the culling was done are being planned via social media, such as Twitter, for both the Lower Mainland and Whistler this weekend.

OAW has suspended its dog sledding operations but staff will be kept on to care for the animals. It has launched its own investigation.

Both Tourism Whistler and Whistler Blackcomb have removed Outdoor Adventures from their booking websites.

Said TW president Barratt Fisher: "Tourism Whistler and its members are shocked and saddened by the details portrayed in the reported claims.

"Whistler is a caring community profoundly affected by the current situation. Many businesses, including Tourism Whistler actively support and promote dog-friendly programs. The entire community is shaken, and we are intent on receiving verification of the facts so that if there is validity to these claims, those responsible will be held accountable.

"As of Monday, Tourism Whistler suspended the sale of Outdoor Adventures at Whistler's dogsledding activities via and the Visitor Centre. After further review with representatives from Outdoor Adventures, Tourism Whistler has decided to extend that suspension to all products offered by Outdoor Adventures Whistler."