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Jobs, jobs, jobs at weekend fair Interviews scheduled Sunday, conducted Monday By Chris Woodall The fourth annual job fair sponsored by the Whistler Chamber of Commerce and the Whistler Resort Association starts Sunday, Oct. 26, continuing on Oct. 27. The first day is for job hunters to make interview appointments for the next day, Monday. Up to 20 different employers from Whistler's hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and other businesses will be looking for the best and brightest they can get their hands on. The event, at the Whistler Conference Centre's Sea to Sky Ballroom, attracted 1,000 job seekers last year, says chamber of commerce employment centre manager Michele Rideout. "That's fairly busy," she says, even for a day that opens its doors at 9 a.m. and goes until 8 p.m. Bring several résumés with references. There is no photocopy service. Presentation and personality counts for a lot. "I don't think a suit and tie is necessary, but be clean cut," Rideout says. Most of the jobs are entry-level. The Sunday allows potential workers to look over job descriptions. There are only so many interview times scheduled, so arriving early is a good idea. Everyone will get an initial screening interview to ensure they have the basic qualifications the employer wants. Several jobs can be applied for, but job fair staff will screen for one job interview at a time. "Be patient," Rideout advises of the anticipated crush of applicants. "We'll try to make it possible to not wait in line too long." Employer-employee interviews take place Monday only. The employer may decide to hire on the spot, or may decide to take some time to check references, or set a later date for a second interview, Rideout says. "Employers can still register for the job fair," Rideout says. Volunteers to conduct screening interviews are still needed, too. Call her at the employment centre (932-6281) or go to the conference centre on Sunday.

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