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Jib Jam returns to the glacier

The Glacier Shop and Salomon presented the second annual summer jib jam on the Blackcomb Glacier last weekend.



In all 48 snowboarders and skiers participated in the competition, pulling off an impressive array of tricks that illustrated the evolution of both sports.

The set-up consisted of two rails, an "up-kink" and a "down flat bar" that could be linked together, stomped individually or gapped via one of the four jumps built around the area.

The athletes made the most of the set-up and every rider present put together some incredible runs to wow the crowd of 60 that turned out to watch the spectacle.

Tonnes of great prizes were handed out to the top three riders in each category, and an impressive amount of draw prizes were given away to the competitors at the awards ceremony. Special mentions go out to Andrew Brendt for Best Trick on Skis and Benjamin Forte for Best Trick on a Snowboard.


Mens Ski

1. Julien Carrier

2. Charley Ager

3. Jeff Boake

Womens Ski

1. Denise Jaworsky

2. Cat Smiley

Mens Snowboard

1. Craig Beaulieu

2. Ryan Rausch

3. Nicolas Brunnette

Womens Snowboard

1. Blythe Irwin

2.Paula DeJong

3. Alice Gong

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