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Jetlag and dance

World traveller Nick White of The Prototypes brings World of Drum 'n' Bass to Tommy Africa's



Looking at the tour dates for U.K. drum and bass stars The Prototypes, and you imagine a dizzying and even dangerous amount of jetlag.

Even trying to track down one half of the duo Nick White by phone means missing him in airports — first Las Vegas, then London, then Amsterdam (the latter as he is on his way back from playing in Tallin, Estonia, and en route to Lyon, France, for the next gig).

This is all within four days.

When we finally connect, White is at his home in Brighton for a day-and-a-half to catch up on sleep before he returns to North America and Whistler — he calls the previous few days' travel "kind of a mad weekend."

"The Estonia show was really good, it was a small club show on Friday. Then I did France on Saturday — another small club," he says.

Then I ask how they can have two shows on the same day in Melbourne and San Diego.

"Chris (Garvey, The Prototypes other half) is doing Australia and New Zealand. I'm doing the U.S. and Canada and Europe," White says.

"We kind of blew up."

Oh, gotcha. Wow.

"It's hard enough just with the one of you. We split up the majority of the shows right now, it works out better that way for us because we get so many offers to play," White adds.

"We prefer to play together but it's kind of impossible because we have so many gigs."

So this means that White will be performing solo when he gets to Tommy Africa's in Whistler as part of the World of Drum 'n' Bass tour on Wednesday, March 29.

The Prototypes released their first single in 2010, becoming part of Brighton's enormous dance music scene.

The duo's single "Pop it Off" was called "one of the most unanimously unifying cuts in D&B of the year" by UKF Music.

Their debut album City of Gold came out in 2015.

Despite all the wild touring right now, White says he and Garvey make the most of their time in Brighton — they spent a lot of time at work on music during February.

"Over two to three weeks we were working on a remix of Sygma, and there is a Stereophonics remix we've just done. When we're just doing European tours, which is our normal schedule, we're playing on the weekend and at home for the week," White says.

"Then we're working four or five days in the week, up to 10 hours a day. We make the most of it, if we're not too jetlagged."

Cue laughter from White.

"Me and Chris... in terms of stuff that we play and what we're into, we're pretty similar," he says.

"Sometimes we get inspired by a new place, or city, or country."

They are also running their own label, working closely with other performers.

"We've got a remix coming out soon for a track called 'Be on the Wall' and we've got a top-secret track that will be out in April," White says.

Whistler can expect new music, tracks and dubs that no one has heard before, he says.


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