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Jen Ford announces bid for Whistler council

Municipal election set for Nov. 15


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Jen Ford isn't letting a setback in the 2011 municipal election deter her from pursuing a career in politics.

If anything, coming up short for a seat at the council table in the 2011 campaign only served as motivation for the 35 year old.

Last week, Ford announced her intention to once again run for councillor in the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

"I think some of the common criticisms I received last time were, 'What do you know about what they do at council? What groups have you volunteered with? What community engagement have you had?'" she said.

Since then, Ford has taken steps to address those criticisms.

Aside from attending nearly every council meeting in the last three years, Ford has sat on the board of directors at Whistler Animals Galore and at the Whistler Housing Authority.

She's also the voice behind the council-focused @whipoli Twitter account.

"It's incredible how much my awareness of what goes on at the municipality has changed," Ford said.

"Doing all of that homework has really broadened my understanding of what can really be done, and what promises make sense and what really doesn't make sense from a municipality standpoint."

What makes sense to Ford is keeping Whistler affordable for those who live here.

"It's continuing to find ways to, not necessarily cut services, but curb a little bit of the spending at municipal hall, and really just staying focused on how we can keep the cost of living down in Whistler," she said.

"That remains to be the biggest issue amongst all demographics, is that we want to keep Whistler affordable so that we can stay here and keep this as our home."

Ford would also like to see an increased focus on young parents and family programming.

"I know that it's not the municipality's job to provide daycare, but it's important to the municipality to make it easier for young families to stay here," she said.

"So that's something that I'm really focused on."

While Ford said she hopes to bring a new perspective to the council table this year, she has no shortage of respect for the current council.

"I think they've done a great job," she said.

"I think they've done what needs to be done, and they didn't waste a lot of time belabouring issues when they didn't need to. They've done their homework."

And Ford too has done her homework, though she knows there is still much more work to be done.

"I think I would still have a ton to learn, but I think that's definitely going to make it a smoother transition," she said.

The election is slated for Saturday, Nov. 15.

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