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James Dodds on top once again

Next Phat Wednesday race is July 6



The second Phat Wednesday Downhill Series race of the season took place on June 22, with over 200 riders racing a combination of A-Line, Crabapple Turns, World Cup Single Track and Ho Chi Min - a faster and shorter ride than the first race the previous Friday.

James Dodds was first overall once again in the Male Open category, finishing the course in three minutes 32.65 seconds - a second-and-a-half faster than Adam Billinghurst in 3:34.23. Bernardo Nevs Cruz was third in 3:35.96, Paul Stevens fourth in 3:36.03 and Kenny Smith Fifth in 3:37.67. Also in the top 10 were Dylan Wolksy, Kevin Bartkowski, James Maltman, Shane Gayton and Cameron Allonby.

There were 138 racers in the category.

In the Female category, Casey Brown was the rider to beat in 3:58.27, followed by Gabrielle Molloy in 3:59.46, Sarah Leishman in 3:59.87, Brook Baker in 4:01.17, and Shelly Flood in 4:05.94. Rounding out the top 10 were Emily Slaco, Katrina Strand, Maria Darquier, Dawn Cashen and Simmone Lyons.

Matheiu Hebert won the Master Male category in 3:38.91, followed by Steve Storey in 3:40.51, Chris Dewer in 3:40.63, Andrew Gunn in 3:41.64 and Jason Josling in 3:41.88. Rounding out the top 10 were Bart Brown, Dave Harder, Glenn Franks, Richard Bedford and Corrie Mullen.

There were six junior racers in the running. Zander (Alexander) Geddes was first in 3:44.37, followed by Jack Iles in 3:47.19, Cooper Saver in 4:04.85, Finn Iles in 4:06.07 and Alex Auger in 4:16.31. Brad Jansen missed the top five by just 0.3 seconds.

The first of three experts-only PhaSt Wednesday races took place on June 29. The next Phat Wednesday is on July 6, before breaking for Crankworx.

You need to be a member of WORCA to take part, and online memberships are at As well, you need a valid pass to ride the park, plus a $2 entry fee that goes into a pot that is shared out among the winners.

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