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Jack Crompton

Candidate profile


Hockey Card:

Occupations? Owner/GM - Ridebooker

Furthest place you travelled and why. Delhi. I lived for four months in a Tibetan community. I was 19 and wanted to be part of a community I was completely unfamiliar with... incredible!

Describe yourself using five words or less. Father, husband, positive, community-minded.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? I have three semesters left on a master's degree in theology through Regent College at the University of British Columbia.

Profile Questions:

What do you see as the top election issues? Taxes, transparency, parking, asphalt plant, role of the RMOW and local impact of the global downturn.

How would you address the budget shortfall? Whistler does not have a budget problem, we have a spending problem and we need to focus on living within our means. I believe council is a community "board of directors" and should develop a lean budget for the CAO to deliver, rather than micro-managing staff. When limiting our spending, nothing should be "off the table." I see opportunity for savings in:

1) Vehicle purchasing policy - Whistler doesn't need the latest and greatest vehicles on the road.

2) Renegotiating BC Transit contract - BC Transit and the province promised the "hydrogen project" would create no additional costs for Whistler. Council should get actual operating costs on a facility for a similar sized transit service. If evidence shows we overbuilt, the RMOW should renegotiate the deal with BC Transit.

3) Service sharing - Whistler should investigate service sharing with neighbouring communities. UK's Local Government Association identified 200 examples of adjoining municipal governments sharing services and saving $1 billion per year. ( Guardian Professional , 22/03/11).

What do you think is the RMOW's role in boosting tourism? The RMOW should play a less direct role in boosting tourism. Holding RMI fund purse strings has led the RMOW to start marketing the resort. The RMOW should contract this work to municipal partners and businesses rather than running redundant in-house resort marketing departments. Business creates jobs and growth not government so if we can put our marketing dollars in the hands of experts we'll be well served.

The RMOW should play an advisory/facilitation role getting associated parties moving in the same direction. Whistler needs to operate in a collaborative efficient manner to succeed in such a competitive marketplace.

What would you do to enhance the environment for business? I'd create a process allowing business owners and citizens to submit stories of unnecessary red tape at municipal hall... and cut where appropriate. This would involve reducing redundancies from different levels of government and other regulators. A great example is Calgary's http://www.cutredtape.ca/

I've proposed a limited term/scope community task force (municipal staff and members of the public) to investigate municipal process. The taskforce will report to council on permitting processes etc, finding efficiencies and cutting costs. Whistler competes with our neighbours (Pemberton and Squamish) and industry neighbours (Vail and Aspen) so we need to ensure process is cost-effective for investors.

Give an example of a difficult situation you have overcome. I am convinced that every challenge presents opportunity. My company (Transportation Whistler) delivered the Whistler Olympic Shuttle. We are good at what we do but nothing prepares you for 15,000 passengers over two and a half weeks. Like most Whistlerites, our team worked 19 hours a day for 21 days straight. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times but looking back the challenge made us much better than we were before.

Where can people go to get your election platform? www.jackcrompton.ca On Twitter:@jacksoncrompton