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It’s a boy!

Whistler’s New Year’s baby arrives



Derek Robert Perizzolo remains unperturbed about being Sea to Sky’s first baby of the New Year.

“He’s an angel,” said his mother, Melissa Perizzolo from the family’s Whistler home. “He doesn’t cry — he just likes to eat, sleep, and poo.”

Perizzolo’s laidback attitude was evident when Melissa had to be induced at Lions Gate Hospital on New Year’s Eve, her water having broke two days prior. And even after contractions started, Derek, who was born at 5:08 p.m. Jan. 1, was in no hurry to compete with another baby, a girl, that was born only 20 minutes before him at Lions Gate Hospital. Perizzolo said hospital staff kept the competition for who would be the first News Year’s baby friendly, with the two mothers in adjacent rooms.

“My doctor was like, ‘What are they doing?’ and nurses were coming back and giving us and the other doctor updates.”

Perizzolo is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Whistler last August with her husband, David Perizzolo, a dentist who joined Aarm Dental Group. Derek was the first baby born of 2007 for the Sea to Sky region.

Melissa Perizzolo said that although she chatted with the other mom as they walked the halls before delivery she hasn’t had a chance to speak with her since.

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