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Irrepressible Howe Sound

An enigmatic fjord swirling with the after-effects of industrial activity and shining with remarkable comebacks of nature



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Hailing the returnof the pinks

A cause to celebrate is the remarkable return of pink salmon to Britannia Creek following a hiatus of more than 80 years.

Jack Cooley, co-chair of the Squamish Streamkeepers society says mining activities initially polluted the creek and killed everything in it.

The installation of the Millennium Plug research station in 2001 plus a water treatment plant built in Britannia seven years ago are credited with eliminating acidic water flowing out of Britannia Creek.

Squamish conservationist John Buchanan was the first to discover a key indicator of Britannia Creek's recovery.

Last summer he discovered pink salmon and steelhead in the creek but he remains cautiously optimistic.

"Nothing was living in that creek at all so now things are starting to rebound," he said. "We're just getting out of the starting gate as far as recovery goes."