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IPP industry gathers at first B.C. conference


The official opening of Whistler’s latest run of river project will take place on Brandywine Creek just one week before the first annual conference of the Independent Power Producers Association of British Columbia.

"Given that this is our first annual conference, the response from the industry has been excellent," said Steve Davis, president of IPPBC.

"It confirms that the private sector is eager to help BC Hydro reduce its current requirement to import electricity and that they are hopeful that opportunities for private sector investment and more competition in B.C.’s electricity industry will now come about."

The conference will take place Oct. 23-25 in Vancouver attracting some big names in the energy industry, among them Dr. Albert Maringer, president and CEO of Siemens Canada and Larry Bell, chair and CEO of BC Hydro.

"These speakers have very interesting insights into B.C.’s recently reinvigorated IPP industry," said Davis.

The conference will also include nine panel discussions on subjects like: B.C.’s new Energy Plan, valuing green power, small hydro project development and the new B.C. Transmission Corporation.

Conference attendees will also take a field trip to the Whistler area for a guided tour of three run-of-river projects.

The Sea to Sky corridor has become a hot area for IPP proponents. There are several projects underway in the area, like the Rutherford Creek on the way to Pemberton. Others are proposed on rivers like Fitzsimmons Creek in Whistler. And still others are actually producing power, like the newest IPP on Brandywine Creek.

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