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iPhone is going to be big



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Why no 64GB model? Given the added pixels on the screen and the megapixel boost to the camera, your media files will occupy more space than before. If you take lots of photos and video, and download lots of content, I can see people maxing out their storage with very little effort.

It's also worth looking at the current state of the market, with vastly improved Android phones making waves and a Windows 7 phone on the market sometime this year. Research In Motion is close to getting a touch screen phone right, and Palm and Web OS are not dead yet. You won't be disappointed if you buy the iPhone 4 because Apple seldom disappoints - but you might not end up with the best smart phone for your particular needs.


Big Stretch Reminder might save your life

I'm embarrassed when I tell people how much time I spend sitting on my ass at work each week, or the hours I spend at home doing the exact same thing. The studies are quite clear on this, in that I'm slowly killing myself.

Even if you work out in the morning or evenings the fact is that sitting at a desk all day at the office still does harm to your health. Recent studies compiled by the New York Times show that prolonged periods of inactivity put you at "increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and an early death. In other words, irrespective of whether you exercise vigorously, sitting for long periods is bad for you."

That's why I'm seriously thinking of building myself a standing desk, guaranteeing I'll spend more time standing and moving around than sitting in a chair listening to my blood clot. Standing all day has it's own issues of course, like sore feet and back - ask anyone who stands all day for a living, which is why I'd get a bar stool so I'd have the option of sitting some of the time.

Standing at work, I'd be in good company. Some famous people that stood while they worked include Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill.

They've done studies and standing desks generally result in better posture (no slouching and less neck strain) and reduced repetitive stress injuries. They encourage more walking around, which also increases circulation and energy levels. You also burn more calories with a standing desk, up to 350 calories per day, it's been estimated, compared to sitting, which can help to combat the inevitable weight gain that we office trolls experience.

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