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Intrawest moves into the Okanagan


Intrawest has set its sights on the Okanagan with plans to build waterfront properties in Kelowna.

The 54-cottage-like townhomes will be called Mission Shores, located in the upscale Mission neighbourhood of Kelowna. The development will be sold this summer exclusively through Playground, Intrawest’s sales and marketing division.

"In the last six years waterfront property prices have doubled," said James Askew, vice-president of Pacific Northwest and Central U.S. for Playground.

"The demand for beach property in Kelowna far exceeds supply."

The three- and four-bedroom townhomes will start at $379,000. The homes will range in size from 1,800 to 4,000 square feet.

Owners also have the option of renting out the property through a property management group to maximize value during the year.

"With prime Kelowna room rates skyrocketing and scarce accommodation through most of the long Okanagan summer, we’re confident owners’ homes won’t get lonely when they aren’t there," said Askew.

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