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Intrawest and Telus sign $30 million deal

Intrawest and Telus have signed an eight-year, $30 million deal that will see the telecommunications firm provide internet protocol and telecommunications services to all of Intrawest’s Canadian resorts.



Shaun Hall from Telus said this was the most significant deal Telus had signed with Intrawest because it’s Canada-wide.

"Telus and Intrawest have been working together for the past 15 years in Western Canada and for all of Canada for the past five years so this is a significant deal," said Hall.

He said Telus would be helping Intrawest to "integrate data" with internet protocol (IP) and wireless technology.

"This technology will be so, for example, when a customer contacts Intrawest they get a consistent experience at a lower cost across all their resorts.

"The IP stuff is just a part of it, we’ve got mike mobiles, which can be used as walkie-talkies and a lot of other technology that will make their business run smoother."