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International bright young thing

Danielle Walker gets paid to be party girl number one



There’s always "that girl," whose very presence at a party takes things up a notch or two.

She’s usually hot. She’s always fun. And everyone’s stoked she showed up.

It’s one thing to be that girl. It’s quite another to get paid to jet set around the world being that girl.

International party model. How would that look on your resume?

Just ask Danielle Walker, a team leader for the Jim Beam Party Crew, a hottie brigade of white cowgirls that showed up in various Whistler clubs last week on account of the title sponsor’s involvement with the Crankworx Freeride Mountainbike Festival.

Petite, blonde and stacked, Walker certainly looks the part, even out of the trademark Party Crew uniform – an eye-catching, lightning-white Pamela Anderson-meets-Dale Evans get-up.

With a background in bikini modeling and promotions the 23-year-old began working for Jim Beam’s first Party Crew two and a half years ago in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. Promoted to team leader, she now gets flown around the world to guide other local Party Crews. Following her stint in Whistler she’s off to Europe in November, then Thailand and Mexico.

"People say to me: ‘that job doesn’t exist!’" Walker said, relaxing on the sunny GLC patio last week before the day’s craziness began.

A typical work night for the Party Crew means being approachable, happy and always having an amazing time, Walker said.

"If I walk through the door and it’s a really dull night and there’s not many people there and the crowd isn’t going very well then it’s my job to kick it and scream and get on the microphone and be so energetic it’s contagious to everybody," she added.

Of course, there are those nights when even the most dedicated bar stars don’t feel so shiny. If it’s your job, said Walker: "you just get past it," making a special effort to talk to people and making the most of the three hours the Party Crew typically spends in one venue.

Of course, now that she’s a team leader and wears a more subdued black outfit out on the Party Crew circuit, she said she’s "faded into the background" somewhat, compared with her blinding foot soldiers. The white cowgirl get-up, said Walker, is so in your face, it pretty much guarantees getting hit on, something that’s happened to her more times than she can count.

Whistler is a pretty good introduction to Canada for anyone and despite the minions of her countrymen that populate this town Walker said she picked up on some differences from the land of Aus.

"Canadians are super friendly," she said, saving special praise for Whistler in particular.

"Everyone is here to have a good time," she said. "It’s a party town. It’s crazy all the time and I love it."

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