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Inspyred� warrior returns to lead Side 67



Who: Side 67

Where: The Boot Pub

When: Sunday, April 21

The vibe changed drastically, from sweet powder shredding on Whistler Mountain to absolute horror as I watched my friend catch an edge on some funky snow. He tumbled over 200 feet of outcropping rock. When I finally located him he was half buried in blood-saturated snow. Head above the surface, fading in and out of consciousness my friend was in serious trouble.

The doctors say he died that day, however warriors don’t leave this realm without a fight. He flat-lined, blasting back into his freshly beaten body, but healing with the wizardry of a magician, EN Roberts was born again.

Within one year he was back on track pursuing his passions: skateboarding and music.

Situated in East Vancouver, Roberts connected with Rich Elliot, an old high school friend who plays drums. EN picked up the microphone and they added two guitarists, Kerry Cyr and Darren Agnew, plus former minority band member, base guitarist Sean Colig. In 1998 Side 67 was formed.

This crew of humble, hard working musicians know how to keep life simple. The boys did their homework figuring out how to have the best time possible, connecting the crucial ingredients: a large barbecue situated on a fat deck overlooking a smooth alley littered with skateboard ramps.

Sundays at the ERC (East Side Rukus Crew) transformed into legendary skate jam barbecue parties, with prizes for all. Add a jam space-recording studio in the loft and you have an inspirational atmosphere that has been a key element in the success of Side 67’s first CD release, Inspyre .

"Inspyre is a reflection of our lives," explains Roberts. "We figured out what makes us tick then we simply added the ingredients."

67 have created a solid foundation derived from inspiration.

"We’re striving to give back the energy that has been instilled into each of us through life lessons. We’re on a mission," explains Roberts.

"Creating music takes us on a journey; it’s always a test. The boys write the music then I step up and create the lyrics. When it all comes together the sound channels through us. We’re separate individuals fused together by music."

I drop into their jam space quite frequently. It’s difficult to differentiate between a jam and a live show. 67’s energy is always amplified. You can feel the music burning inside their souls.

It feels like yesterday when EN and I would discuss our dreams over a cold beer. He was always tapping his fingers on the bottle, creating beats. Under his breath he’d link intriguing words.

Seven years later I’m reading his lyrics off 67’s second album, More Stitches than Riches , which is fully power-packed with punk pride. Fast power chords flourish in force flowing in heavy harmony. 67 is dynamic power; you’ll sweat your ass off just listening to them.

So come on out and support your local Vancouver Crew. They’ll work hard to inspyre you.

Whistler freeskiing champion Jeff Holden