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Inside scoop with Jimmy the Cockroach

Exclusive weekly reports from our mole in VANOC.


This week Jimmy discovers how VANOC controls the media...

"Many Canadians have been wondering why their own mainstream media have been so reluctant to criticize VANOC or dig deeper into the steaming pile of Olympic dirt. And late last night, I discovered the answer.

"I had come out of my secret hiding place in the VANOC office and was rifling through John Furlong's desk, when I heard a strange murmuring sound coming from the hall. Intrigued, I followed the sound into a restricted area of the building I hadn't been in before and found the source - room 66 on the 6 th floor."

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Next week: The Big Hole

*WARNING: Jimmy's reports are pure satire and may not be suitable for all levels of intelligence.



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