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Exclusive weekly reports from our mole in VANOC.


"An in-house e-mail went out from the VANOC Media Department this morning announcing a change in the contents of the Goodie Bags each athlete receives at the start of the Games.

And it seems whoever wrote the e-mail was either hung-over, or in a mischievous mood, because the subject line of the e-mail was, Condom Pulls Out; Taser Jumps In . That's right - Condom Pulls Out; Taser Jumps In.

My sources tell me a major condom manufacturer was on board to supply each athlete with a string of its newest ultra-thins to help launch a marketing campaign it calls Random Acts of Fondling. But a bad batch of ..."

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(Next week - Transportation Plan Completely Revamped)

*WARNING: Jimmy's reports are pure satire and may not be suitable for all levels of intelligence.