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Inside scoop, with Jimmy the Cockroach


Exclusive weekly reports from our mole in VANOC. This week Jimmy crashes the VANOC weekly staff party...

"As the night wore on, I collected buckets of juicy gossip about office romances, backroom deals, and expense-account blowouts at VANOC, but unfortunately I don't remember much after the conga-line dance through the Accounting Department. And I have no idea what I spilled all over my note pad because I can't even peel the pages apart.

"I do recall very clearly however, a conversation in the men's washroom with a cyber-security expert on loan to VANOC from Brazil. He assured me that money laundering is ... "

*Listen to Jimmy's full report at

(Next week - trouble with the track suits?)

*WARNING: Jimmy's reports are pure satire and may not be suitable for all levels of intelligence.



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