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In the pink



Duvall leaving a (sequin) trail

WHO: Siobhan Duvall

WHERE: The Boot Pub

WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 4

She describes her music as "pink"… her apartment is pink… and now her first solo CD, Star , is pink.

"I just love the colour pink. It makes me happy and calm at the same time," says Siobhan Duvall.

Star features 10 "pumped up, punk rock, power pop" songs… and while they’ll definitely leave you feeling happy, you may find yourself too energized to remain calm.

Duvall previously released a four-song CD and critics were hailing her as nothing less than seriously talented, almost divine. Duvall has answered back by penning nine original songs.

"I wasn’t sure I could write. When I was with the Bombshells and Bif (Naked), I was just guitar," she says.

In 1995, Duvall "locked herself away" and the result was the song Luck. And the lyrics seem to speak of the artistic struggle Duvall was facing at the time: I spend my time in my room, I want it now but not too soon… I’m scared I’ll lose.

"Moving from guitar to being the front girl was a huge psychological leap," she says. "You’re just out there on the stage, like ‘Hi, here I am!’ I felt naked."

Duvall says her lyrics actually come second to the music. "I start with the guitar riff, and then work out a melody on the guitar and put the words in later."

That’s not to say that she simply pulls the lyrics out of thin air or that they have no meaning. Duvall is a huge supporter of the SPCA (and Whistler’s WAG). The inside of the CD jacket reads "Spay and neuter your god damn pets!" And the title song Star was inspired by a dream about her deceased dog.

"For two years after Baby died, I had bad dreams about trying to rescue him. Finally, one night, I dreamed a pink spaceship landed in my backyard… and took me to Baby who was waiting on a star."

A pink spaceship? Naturally, Duvall says it was "such a happy and soothing dream."

The pop punk princess makes her return to Whistler this Sunday at The Boot for her CD release party. She sends out "pink stars" to her Whistler pals in the thank-you section of the CD jacket.

"I love Whistler! The people are fun… they think I’m entertaining them up on stage, but really they’re entertaining me!"

Oh and by the way, many in the resort will remember Duvall’s trademark pink sequined dress that she sported at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival last April.

"I left a sequin trail all the way to the hotel," she laughs. Duvall hints that dress may make one last appearance at The Boot before being retired to the Pink Hall of Fame.