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Audain Art Museum breaks ground

The Audain Art Museum builders broke ground at the village site this week, one year after the idea of the world-class facility was first floated in Whistler.

"Today was significant," said vice chair of the museum Jim Moodie on Monday, Sept. 16. "We wanted to get started before a year had gone by from when Michael (Audain) was introduced to mayor and council."

The facility that will house Audain's British Columbian art from the early 18th century to the present day will be located on municipal land, in between day lots 3 and 4 and opposite municipal hall.

Moodie called the work done to make the Audain's dream a reality in the last 12 months "commendable," with high praise for municipal staff.

In that time a site has been chosen, zoning approved, development permits granted, a $30 million building designed, a team chosen to build the state-of-the-art facility.

"A whole lot of the credit goes to Mike Furey (municipal administrator) and the RMOW folks," said Moodie.

Before the snow flies, Moodie said they hope to have the site prepped, the civil works done and the concrete piers constructed for the building. The 56,000-square-foot facility will sit on large concrete piers to keep it raised above the flood plain.

Throughout the winter work will continue on the detailed design of the steel.

Michael Audain is still in the process of choosing the art for his museum, which includes a collection of early First Nations masks, and one of the country's top Emily Carr collections.

The museum is slated for completion mid 2015.