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I Mother Earth to touch down in Whistler



Armed with a new album in stores April 8

Who: I Mother Earth

What: DKNY Jeans Outdoor Concert Series

Where: WSSF

When: Friday, April 11

I’ve been sitting on a secret all week and as a reporter, let me tell you, that’s a very hard thing to do. I’ve had the new I Mother Earth album in my private possession, along with a stern warning from the record label that I would be "hunted down and killed if it got into the wrong hands." I’m assuming they were joking but then again, new album releases are serious business and I’m guessing the "wrong hands" belong to those pesky internet file sharers.

So in the privacy of my own home, I peeled off the security tape screaming "High Security" in bold black font and slipped the contraband titled The Quicksilver Meat Dream into my Walkman, eager to see what all the fuss was about.

And I rocked out. Several times. Each time discovering a new song that impressed the heck out of my limited, but ever growing, hard ’n" fast rock ’n’ roll range.

For those uninitiated in all things I.M.E, here are the basics: They’re one of Canada’s premier live acts, well known for their densely packed sound, rich with layers of guitar and percussion. With a blatant disregard for today’s mass-market musical formula, I.M.E have three successful albums under their belt and keep up a full-time career as true road dogs.

Their live shows are legendary thanks to ripping guitar riffs from Jagori Tanna; big, brisk drum beats from his brother Christian; solid bass lines from Bruce Gordon and power-packed vocals from frontman Brian Byrne. A crazy mosh pit doesn’t hurt either.

They’re one of the few northern acts that managed to crack the U.S. market to some success and are well-loved in the faithful hard rock heartlands of Europe. What’s ironic about I.M.E’s success story is that while maintaining a legion of fans over the years and even nabbing a few Junos, they’ve barely broken radio rotation. Not to worry though, the Quicksilver Meat Dream could be blowing the winds of change their way in no time. I.M.E’s first single, Like The Sun, is already making positive headway. You may have spotted the video in the top 10 on Much Music’s Power Shift. The band’s Web site has been swamped with pre-order e-mails for the new LP.

Another track, Juicy, featured on the xXx movie soundtrack, sent the boys on an MTV-backed campus tour across the country not long ago.