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Hypnotist Sailesh returns

An annual visitor to Whistler returns on Monday to entrance and entertain again.


Who: Sailesh

Where: Merlin’s

When: Monday, Jan. 17 & Monday, Jan. 24

Calgary-based hypnotist/entertainer Sailesh is back again for a pair of shows at Merlin’s. And he’ll be looking for volunteers to succumb to his waking sleep techniques.

Those who answer the call might be convinced of any number of scenarios. Sailesh’s bag of tricks has had people turn into enraged white trash a la Jerry Springer, or convinced their chair is the world’s greatest lover.

It’s uncensored, uninhibited and unbelievable.

Don’t take the "uncensored" thing lightly. It’s guaranteed to get raunchy, although Sailesh insists there are lines he won’t cross – convincing a woman to get naked, for example. Even though he’s able to speak to the subconscious, everyone’s mind has a system of checks that won’t allow it to override moral beliefs, he ascertains.

That being said, Sailesh’s shows are no Sunday school class – especially here in Whistler. Wild young locals and vacationers with nothing to lose make for some of his most notorious and hilarious gigs, he has said. This from a man who’s on the road 11 months of the year.

See for yourself on Monday at Merlin’s. If you miss that one, never fear. Sailesh is sticking around for another show at Merlin’s on Monday, Jan. 24.