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Human condition laughable

Johansson leads Yuk Yuks lineup of comedians coming to Dusty’s



By Nicole Fitzgerald

What: Yuk Yuks

When: Friday, Dec. 29

Where: Dusty’s


Comedian Pete Johansson describes his stand up as a giddy self-deprecating insight into the new human condition.

“And if that doesn’t have you chuckling, I cover everything from man-breasts, the unfairness of our drug laws, the ritual of engagement rings and various other frustrations experienced by a man facing a shallow world in his 30s,” Johansson said.

Johansson is one of three veteran comedians coming to Whistler for a laugh with Yuk Yuks on Friday, Dec. 29 at Dusty’s.

Johansson first made his mark after a successful debut at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, which led to a deal with Warner Brothers Television. His career took off with his hilarity airing on CBC, NBC and HBO. The Comedy Channel, Just for Laughs gala performances, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, National Lampoon’s Funny Money, Comedy Central, and Open Mike with Mike Bullard are just a few of his credits. He has also headlined at comedy clubs across North America and performed in England and Ireland. From New York’s Caroline’s Comedy to The Punchline in San Francisco, Johansson has won over crowds and critics alike with his down-home simplicity, bent perception and brainy insights.

“Pete’s relaxed and insightful performance at the Improv brought the crowd what they had been waiting for all night,” wrote the National Post.

“With very little effort, Pete Johansson’s brief set brought the night back from the abyss of commonplace,” raved LA Weekly.

Johansson looks forward to 2007, although he is proud of this year’s accomplishments: logging over 100,000 Aeroplan miles and losing 10 pounds of poorly placed body fat.

“My resolutions from last year were to attain total enlightenment and burst into the pure white divine glory of perfectedness — and to hook up with a lingerie model,” he said. “My resolutions for this year are finding a really great girl to spend my time with and preferably she’ll be rich (and a lingerie model) with the answers to the meaning of life.”

Johansson will be joined by fellow Yuk Yuks comedians Jennifer Grant and Toby Hargrave.

Tickets are BLANK.

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